Automated Enforcement

Use Our Virtual Management Tools

Our Virtual Management System

Using virtual management to regulate compliance levels, increase efficiency and the bottom line.

Manage the facility with the tools other parking professionals use but are available built into the Virtual Management System at a fraction of the cost to the operator.

Any registered property can immediately begin enforcement patrol of lots and validate users.

Control is easy, hand held ticketing software, hand held License Plate Recognition and mobile LPR technology are synchronized to bring new levels of accuracy and speed to patrol activities.

We offer innovative License Plate Management solutions and a brand new handheld management and patrol application for Android smart phones.


License Plate Recognition Technology

Introducing: (ViPMAn) communicate in real time with the Virtual Parking Manager server, the application is integrated with existing Pay By License Plate Technology.

In-Car Dual Lens Camera

(part of the LPR software systems)


Warning, Ticketing, Booting & Towing Tools


Mobile, Handheld and Static License Plate Recognition Systems (LPR)

Warning and Ticketing Technologies

Vehicle Immobilization - Wheel Booting, NO-TOW Solutions



Increase control of parking property and easily identify valid and invalid users - simple and easy to implement and keep current registries online.


Increase compliance through highly effective warning enforcement strategies - our parking consultants ensure quality implementation and have a solution for every individual and unique property needs.


Increase customer relationship satisfaction and build better public relationships.