About Virtual Parking Management

Proven technology available today anywhere.

Cloud Technology

Using web based "Cloud Technology" can allow you to manage any facility from one to many lots efficiently anywhere. Any registered property can immediately begin registration of lots, validate users and create their own virtual parking pass program.

Control is easy and the hands of the manager are freed by utilizing a variety of popular inexpensive hand held devices to view and validate.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology can be synchronized to bring a new level of accuracy and speed in large facilities.

This transparent system gives you the ability to offer a fair and efficient parking enforcement program. Manage one lot or hundreds of locations from one server. Move people from location to location or restrict them as you see fit.


Property Management Companies, Security Companies, Government Lots, Municipal Lots, Street Parking, Commercial, Office Complexes, Schools & Universities, Municipalities, Condominium Corporations, Residential, Airports, Public Parks; virtually any place parking management is needed.