The Virtual Manager


Cloud Technology, the ability to monitor in real time

  • Credit card, cash and coin transactions

  •    Virtual parking permit programs

  • License plate inventory control

  •    Monitor equipment performance

  • Export revenue reports

  • Maximize revenue per stall

  • Create value to your property and your tenants


Online Virtual Parking Permit Programs

Our Virtual Parking Pass Program eliminates the time and cost associated with managing plastic and paper parking pass programs.

Simply log on to our parking pass cloud server, register the property and upload authorized parking facility users, residents, visitors, employees, customers, virtually any license plate number as they rotate. Once these lists of license plate numbers are input they are then available for viewing on any type of smart phone or handheld device.

These lists of license plate numbers can also be downloaded in real time to a dedicated mobile parking patrol vehicle instantly allowing for efficient and effective parking enforcement patrols. Manage one lot or hundreds of locations from a single PC.


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Security, Parking Enforcement & Reporting

Licensed uniformed security officers can perform all of your monitoring and enforcement patrols. We offer our technology to security and parking lot management providers who can in turn offer you enforcement services such as patrols and products, warnings, ticketing, vehicle immobilization and towing.


The Process

The Future Is Now