Virtual Parking Manager Overview

The Future is here...

Cloud Technology

The ability to monitor in real time:

  1. Credit card, cash and coin transactions
  2. Monitor equipment performance
  3. Export revenue reports
  4. Maximize revenue per stall
  5. Create value to your property and your tenants
  6. Register virtual parking lots
  7. Register virtual permits
  8. Easily identify invalid users
  9. Parking patrol efficiency

Parking Permit Program

Our online virtual parking pass program eliminates the time and cost associated with managing plastic and paper parking pass programs.

Simply log on to our parking pass virtual parking manager cloud server, register the property and lots then upload authorized residents and visitors license plate numbers as they rotate. These lists of license plate numbers are available for viewing on common smart phone and hand held devises and can be down loaded in real time to mobile patrol vehicles instantly allowing for efficient and effective parking pass and enforcement patrols.

Manage one lot or hundreds of locations from one server. Move people from location to location or restrict them as you see fit. This transparent system gives you the ability to offer a fair and efficient parking enforcement program.


You Are In Control

Virtual Parking Manager puts you in control; you can even select a local service or security provider registered on the system and pass the patrol responsibilities on to them. You remain in control and can monitor parking patrol efficiently.