Hand Held Software

Virtual PM citation and payment receipt solution software.

Description (ViPMAn)

ViPMAn is smart, smartphone parking enforcement software, designed for use in Android smartphones, the software is based on License Plate (LP ) recognition principles that enforces "Pay by license Plate" technology, the software supports the following functions today:

ALPR (Automatic license plate recognition) for Android smartphones with built-in camera;

manual License Plate input (keyboard & voice);

pay by License Plate*;

white list;

wheel chalking;

hot list;

virtual parking passes;


overdue citations;

citations printing.

*integration certified with the new Luke 2 Meter from Digital Payment Technologies.

Virtual Parking Manager WEB portal Integration

unlimited number of properties and parking lot support.

Software License Includes

The cost per device license includes product development, online training and a dedicated project manager. System software is scalable according to customer requirements. 1 year maintenance includes critical patches/upgrades.

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