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Transportation management has become an increasingly public issue in recent years. With less budget available and more demand on infrastructure, the public relations side of parking management has become more visible. Municipalities around the world are looking at (LPR) License Plate Recognition technology as a tool to gather data for planning as well as a tool to increase efficiency and revenue control where possible.

Unique enforcement strategies using LPR to identify lost revenue result in higher compliance rates, increased revenue while providing "green technology" services, lower complaints, reduced labor, less damage and efficient less hassle public parking management.

Let us show you how you can:

collect outstanding revenues,

improve the public's perception of your facilities and streets

 reduce complaints significantly

increase the efficiency and utilization of your parking facility


Investigate These Unique Opportunities:

(ITS) Intelligent Transportation Systems

Collecting congestion fees is a common practice in other parts of the world, and is a growing interest in North America. Congestion fees involves using LPR to identify a vehicle and charging a fee to the owner that varies based on the road used, and the time of day. The ultimate goal of congestion fees is to modify driver behavior and encourage the use of alternate routes in the interest of improving system wide traffic flow and reduce congestion.

Toll Systems

Using LPR in a free-flowing tolling system allows for the creation of electronic-toll lanes controlled with gates or freeflow toll lanes where enforcement is accomplished by the use of fixed cameras. LPR is also used to identify violators by providing images of their license plates to the authorities.

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